Joy is found in strange and unpredictable places, even in this time in our world.  How do you express the work of the Spirit in your reflection and action in the world?  Together our work of noticing and acknowledging beauty as well as sorrow creates a community of compassion.

Seeking Spirit in Challenging Times

How can we sing this song in a strange land?
Keeping distance from our neighbor,
Washing hands like a sacrament
Water poured out as a libation.
The notes of the familiar sound tinny and odd.
Like we are singing through a kaleidoscope,
Turning it all over and over again
As it changes before our eyes.
May the God of all history
Comfort the cry of our soul
Reach the lonely and forgotten.
Stretch arms toward the frightened and forsaken.
Teach us new words, new melodies
So that we may remember our song.

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