Joy is found in strange and unpredictable places, even in this time in our world.  How do you express the work of the Spirit in your reflection and action in the world?  Together our work of noticing and acknowledging beauty as well as sorrow creates a community of compassion.

Seeking Spirit in New Times

Sometimes you have to dye your hair blue

in protest, join the swarm of people struggling to find their

Space, each looking at the other with incredulity,

and mistrust, this virus that lingers in the air, perhaps loitering in

the very breath you inhale, but oh, that blue hair

that sign of giving the bird to these times, of letting

frolic beat the fury and ascertaining that there is still

a future worth fighting for, off in some distance from now,

now when we ache for the familiar

and all at once yearn for something new,

something fair, something equitable.

Blue streaks, a streak of blue in this swath of change,

a neon flash of resistance in these times when there is

so much to ward off, so much to defend against,

so little control, except to do things like change the color

of your hair, which allows a fluctuation of mind

even by looking in the mirror at who you have become

in these times, these outrageous, outlandish times.

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