How can we creatively engage with a changing world?

Maia is a Quaker Christian chaplain with a strong belief in finding holy pauses and serendipity. She lives by the Mississippi River in the Twin Cities, Minnesota with her spouse and four pets, and intermittent presence of vibrant young adults. In these unprecedented times, Maia seeks to honor the things that are essential including beauty wherever it may be found and purpose even in difficult circumstances. She celebrates the absurd, including a nurse’s laughing turtle and people’s resilience in the face of illness.

May the gift of your hands be a blessing today
Not only to those who know your touch,
But to your own soul, reminding you that your
Work extends beyond your own life across
That of your human community,
And in that love may you be assured of the safety and
Care for those most dear to you: your family and your friends.

Know that a strength will find you at just the time
When you lose faith,
When you wonder where your own next breath will come from.

Trust that joy will come again like a new dawn.
Know that we are all here together.
Find a way to honor the needs of those with whom you share your work.
And express your own needs, to allow for self compassion.
Take time to find the gratitude. It is always there.
Take breaths, and hold onto the beliefs which guide you.

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