One Year Mark of the Pandemic

Oh so weary of planning for eventualities, Still shaking the burden of worry, that Incessant presence of mortality which Hovered closer than a breath of air. So far has been traveled this year, so  Deep the imprint of memories on the psyche: Hidden faces behind tight masks, The look of fear, like a frightened animalContinue reading “One Year Mark of the Pandemic”

Holding Breath

Collage Image by Susan Greenler On the brink, earth holds its breath for The unveiling. First the inhale, remembering All that has passed, then the exhale, slowly releases So there is room for something new. Awaiting an inoculation of hope,  A promise of something different. What it takes to envision change is no more and Continue reading “Holding Breath”

Seeing our Way in the Dark

Artwork by Cassandra Monson We begin lighting Advent candles this week, and the first candle represents hope.  Not sure about you, but I have been borrowing hope from people from the past – ancestors, prophets, and rebels.  And borrowing and lending hope back and forth with my faithful coworkers at the hospital where I workContinue reading “Seeing our Way in the Dark”

The Practice of Having Enough

Photo Credit: Courtney Ball The Dayenu is a Jewish liturgy with a powerful refrain: “It would have been enough…” Imagine the Dayenu seeping into our lives.  Enough time, enough love, enough resources.  Enough for all of us, enough to share. Throughout my life in work in impoverished communities, I have witnessed bold people practicing thisContinue reading “The Practice of Having Enough”

Looking Fear in the Eye

Print Original by Natalie Parsons I have the unique ability to grasp a Daddy long legs by its spindly legs and gracefully move it from a sleeping bag in the tent to the great outdoors.  In my family there is a general fear of spiders, and I am chief spider remover in the household.  IContinue reading “Looking Fear in the Eye”